Jordan Peterson - a VERY SMART modern-day philosopher [ and a clinical psychologist ]

Jordan Peterson's Wikipedia biography

His "12 Rules For Life" book --- (and my comments about a few of his rules)

Jordan explains humor (6 mins)
My patriarch 'Dinar' totally mastered this one. ("Humor is the best medicine")

Bill Maher talks to Jordan Peterson (9 mins)

Dr Oz interview about Jordan's "12 Rules For Life" book
It's a LONG video (162 mins)...for a short topic on 'bullying', just drag the progress-slider over to the 54:00 mark

Jordan Peterson: Full Address and Q-and-A at Oxford Union (75 mins)
(There's a good discussion of 'political correctness' at the 11:55 mark)

One big reason Trump Won - with Jon Haidt (5.5 mins)
(Confused: I don't understand his nuance of term 'thick borders'.) (Note mention of 0.6 correlation at 2:00 mark)
(Is he saying that the issue of immigration ('thick' borders?) is the reason Trump won?)

Do you believe in God? (from 2 different interviewers - (10 mins and 7 mins))
He doesn't answer either yes/no. He seems to be an agnostic. (He notes that it's an unclear/unfair question, due to vagueness of the definition of God).
He uses the term 'LOGOS'... click here for defn.