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The 'weasel' lives here. This is his new home.
  He's a tricky little fellow...e.g. known to play dead when confronted by his enemies.

Actually, I'm just a weasel wannabe...it's the Morley family members who really ARE weasels.
[ I guess I'm also a ferret wannabe too...so I can 'ferret' out the truth. ]

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Donald Trump is psychologically damaged and is UNFIT to be president

'The Altantic' magazine's EXCELLENT article on the warped psychology of Donald Trump

       Click here for their article: "Trump's psychological traits"
Bill Maher says something very similar. Bill's diagnosis: "Narcissistic Personality Disorder"

Diagnosis: "Narcissistic Personality Disorder"

Lawrence O'Donnell says that Trump is just a common criminal

[ "Trump University" lawsuit" ]

Bill Maher also did two more "must-hear" commentaries on Trump

[ Two of the most accurate assessments of Trump...the man was/is UNFIT for the office. ]

Obama's 2016 parting comments (about a future 4 years under Donald Trump)

I should state that I think that Obama was a VERY good president...in my view, he was arguably THE best in my lifetime.

One of his nicest attributes is illustrated here...how steady, smooth, and articulate he is, when being interviewed.

Why are so many college-educated Americans pro-Trump?

I've always been able to comprehend why relatively un-educated people and 'religious-right' people, etc, became Trump-supporters. But, as a college-educated person myself, I've encountered VERY MANY college graduates who became Trump supporters. And, many of those even claim or appear to me to be 'pro-science'. Yet, they somehow arrive at the point where they've VOTED for him. What's going on in their thought-processes to cause them to reach that point?

The closest I can come to being able to explain them, is to group them into a category I call "anti-government'. More precisely "anti-Federal-government". And, I also include the crowd that feels that their rights are being infringed upon...that the government is DICTATING things that they MUST DO.

Because, I RELATE/AGREE with those sentiments. Because I too call myself a "small-government" advocate, and I agree that eliminating the military draft was certainly a very important action to take. As in, 'we should privatize the Post Office'. And, as in, complaining how inefficient the federal beauracracy is.

An almost perfect example of a politician (that I totally disagree with) who verbalized those views is Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky...who is a doctor by training. Just listen to 3 separate segment of comments he has made in the last decade, in stating his political views:

Will Trump run again in 2024?

Lastly, as of June 2021,here's my take on Donald's future. I believe that either he won't be running in 2024 (e.g. he'll either be in jail, or at least his reputation will have dropped enough that he won't be able to become the Republican candidate for the primaries. Jeez, I just hope that someone like Ted Cruz won't be the Republican candidate!)

My 'mathematical' calculation is based on the fact that the national breakdown of 'identifying voters" breaks down like this: "Gallup polling found that 31% of Americans self-identify as Democrats, 25% self-identify as Republican, and 41% as Independents. (This comes from Wikipedia here)

So, let's be VERY generous and say that half of Indepents would vote for Trump. And, you've probably heard that 75% of Republicans are 'Trumpsters". So, 75% of 25%(R's) = 18% and 50% of 41% (I's) = 21% (Inds) and 18% + 21% = 39%. So, Trump would get 39% of the popular vote. Ergo, even given the Electoral College, etc, there's just no way that Trump would become president again.

An'artificial intelligence' (AI) website: a free medical diagnostic-interview

Smiley face
The header above says it all...just point your browser to "WWW.MEDOCTOR.COM". i.e. just click or touch here

You'll be taking a medical interview, by entering some basic info, which includes the year you were born, your gender, the affected part of your body, followed by a series of mostly 'yes' or 'no' questions.

My first experience there, was for some mid/lower back spasms and intermittent pain in my lower back. In my case, the interview part was approx 30 questions long, before it decided it was ready to give me a diagnosis, which resulted in 'three' (3) possibilities/probabilities: These are your 3 most likely conditions or diseases with their ICD-9 identification codes, as determined by your answers and the logical process of the MEDoctor system:

Disease Name ICD-9 Identification Code
1. Low back pain 724.2
2. Lumbar disc displacement 722.10
3. Low back sprain 846.0
The site's "PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING". i.e. which translates to: Just TRY IT...you'll like it !

The impressive thing is how, during the interview itself, it starts teaching you the correct medical terminology that is (probably) most relevant to your problem. For example, I began just by memtioning the word 'pain' and indicating the general area of the lower-back. After a few first questions, it soon start asking if the pain could be described as like from a 'muscle spasm'. When I saw that question, I'm thinking like "YEAH, YEAH...now we're GETTING SOMEWHERE". So, like I said...you've just got to TRY this website, to experience the power of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE at its finest.

Cyber Newsworthy:

      Read how cyber-hackers are scraping your profile info from Facebook and other social network sites.

How to make Windows-10 desktop-UI look like Windows-7

      If you own a computer running Windows-10 (or Windows 8.x), but want the desktop UI to look and act like it did
      back on Windows-7, there IS a (free) solution. So, just download and install the what' is called the Windows "Classic Shell"

Watch a skydiver's most recent feat. [ Awesome ]

[ I retired from skydiving after jump #386 as a skydiver, back in my younger days, so this feat has special significance for me. ]
     Go "Luke" !   Watch these 4 skydivers as they jump

Watch two basejumpers do a "reverse-skydive" [ Unbelievable. ]

[ I never graduated to base-jumping nor hang-gliding...I finally finished college (after 10 years) instead. ]
Now watch THESE guys as they    step off the mountain top

Medical(CBL)........and ........Indica vs Sativa -- Recreational(THC)

[ When I think of Bill Maher, (or Willie Nelson), I frequently think of a good 'toke'. ]
Charlotte's story (seizures) -- Medical(CBL) click here
[ My interest in medical cannabis originates in the handful of seizures I've had, from a benign brain tumor. ]
Indica / Sativa (recreational cannabis varieties / properties) click here
[ My interest in recreational cannabis comes from......well, you know...who doesn't like to recreate now and then?? ]

"Pinky's Advice" - is a sativa-dominant hybrid (60% / 40%)
"Apocalypto" - is a sativa-dominant hybrid (75% / 25%
"TED talk": A scientific talk of brain architecture / chemistry (connections with weed's effects???) click here
"TED talk": A scientific talk on the POWER of EXERCISE on the brain. click here

[ The info above should get you started on your way. ]

Why an old-school 'flip-phone' is an IDEAL 'smartphone' !

Tho I'm quite 'tablet-literate', I plan to continue to 'upgrade' to yet another"flip-phone"...(Yup, a phone with those 10 physical keys numbered 0 thru 9 and each containing 3 or 4 letters of the alphabet). If you're thinking it must be awkward for me to compose a TEXT-MSG, you're right. That's the whole idea!!! I've found a minimalist flip-phone model to be the nearly PERFECT device, for encouraging hands-free operation while driving. It works perfectly for RECEIVING normal text-msgs (e.g. from your doctor or dentist), yet it neatly discourages you from SENDING text-msgs, beyond a simple "OK" or "Roger, that.". Long live the EMAIL-system!

Also note that a flip-phone is FULLY blue-tooth capable. So, yes, if your vehicle is modern enough to have bluetooth support in its console, your contacts will auto-upload into your car's console. You can make and receive calls 'hands-free', just like you can via a 'normal' smartphone. Which is why I'm here to declare that, phone-call-function-wise, a flip-phone is just as 'smart' as the more-common touch-screen-based smartphone.

Lastly, what I really like about flip-phones, is that they're smaller enough that they're much less likely to get get tangled up with the seat-belt, as you enter/exit the vehicle!!!

WEB-SAFETY:   How to check reputation/safety of any website/domain:

[ This cool webservice validates via a series of web-safety-provided 'black-lists' and 'white-lists' ]
[ Hint: Normally, you would specify a simple textual-URL such as 'Foobar.com', (rather than a numerical IP-address), for your website of interest ]
  Blacklist/Whitelist alerter

Understanding the blacklist output:
  If you see only the normal vertical list of 'OK' s, you're good to go...it's a SAFE/normal website.

Understanding any non-whitelist output:
  If you see any text like 'NOT WHITELISTED',
  This indicates a WARNING-alert that the website in question is NOT RECOMMENDED, due to some undesireable restriction.
  For example, a site that is accessible/visable/useable ONLY after you've registered/joined it.

WEB-SAFETY:   How to view registration-info for any website/domain:

[ Here is Wikipedia's detailed explanation/useage of   "WhoIS" ]
  Get EasyCounter's WhoIS info for a website

A place to build your own website

     A good place to build your own website is at SITES.GOOGLE.COM

I mention this, because "sites.google.com" is a free domain provided to the public by Google, and is where my classmate Warren Hill built
   our high-school class's Re-union Website

[ He told me he really knew nothing about building websites before he started, and that this base site of Google's provides a series of templates for various generic categories for one's site, and that he just 'followed his nose' after choosing the appropriate template. ]

Google offers this site, FREE to the public, as a place where people can construct their own sites. It offers a DIY (do it yourself) approach, and provides you with templates and tools and instructions to help you construct a series of webpages and data files comprising your 'site'.

An interesting native Android widget-app (tribute to my father-in-law):

     The Dinarism-list widget
Using, say, Android's Chrome-browser,Touch here, to download my modified 'LoremWidget' for Android (aka the Dinarism-list widget)
It will go into Android's "Download" folder...so go there using, say, the 'ES File Manager' app, and touch the .apk, to install.
[Hint: You need to have 'allow from unknown-sources' enabled, in your Security settings.]
Note: Because this app is a widget-app rather than a full-screen app, to deploy it after installation, you'll need to drag/drop it from the 'Widget' section of the app list, onto your home-screen/desktop.

Contact info
You can email this 'Webster' here.