"A sample On-Demand video at SarasotaSlim's"

Ok, here's an old black-and-white video that you can watch whenever you wish.

[This web-app page is a prototype / proof-of-concept for video presentation ]

"The Hustler" (1961) - IMDB -->movie's DETAILS
"Popular QUOTES from this movie, on IMDB -->movie's QUOTES
Enjoy the movie.

Note: You can search captions for a word or phrase, and if found,
it will re-position the video/progress-slider there:

Note: You can visually re-position the video, via thumbnail-slider:


This "HTML-5 video" page should be viewable in most of the major browsers:
[ yes : Chrome, Opera, Firefox/Mozilla, Edge ]

Implementation info: Sprite-thumbnail details info here

cast icon This web-app page can operate in conjunction with CHROMECAST-compatible devices cast icon
So, if you have Wi-Fi, consider buying a Google 'Chromecast' device (aka: an 'HDMI-dongle')
(available at the Google Store or Amazon.com, etc.)

Then, you could simply "tab-cast" any of these videos onto your TV, rather than viewing on a PC
or tablet. So, before you can use a Chromecast-device for the first time at a given household, you
must first get it 'authorized in' to your house's wifi-signal, by teaching it your wifi's 'SSID' (it
would be a signal name, like maybe 'Trish-5' or just 'xfinity' or whatever). You will also be asked
to supply the wifi's signal's password.

One other 'name' that you'll be asked to supply during Chromecast-device setup is some name
you make up, to distinguish it from any other 'castable' device(s) that might also be online on your
wifi-network, such as anotther Chromecast-dongle (with a name like 'bedroom-chromecast'), or maybe
a google 'Home' intelligent microphone/speaker box (with a name like 'Google-Home'), or an 'Alexa'
device from Amazon (maybe simply with the name 'Alexa', or what have you. These various device
types are capable of being 'cast-to', though if you were to cast a video or movie to such an intelligent
listening/speaking device, the only thing you'd achieve would be to hear just the movie's audio-track.
But such listening devices are great for listening to music-videos on YouTube...you can cast such
music from YouTube over onto your TV via the Chromecast-dongle, or thru your Alexa's speaker, etc.

Ok, we'll assume you've completed the required one-time chromecast setup onto your home wifi. For a
first-use demo of the chromecast-dongle, launch say the YouTube app or goto the url 'youtube.com'
in the chrome-browser on Windows or iOS or Android, etc. You'll probably see that for YouTube urls,
(since Google owns YouTube) that Google has gone so far as to place their special 'cast-icon' button on
the toolbar at the bottom of the YouTube-viewer. Clicking that button should bring up a dialog offering
a cast-connection to your chromecast-device.

Alternatively, here is Google's documentation for "tab-casting"
from each of 3 platform categories: "Computer", "Android", "iPhone/iPad"
Hint: For finer-control of TV-screen layout, try a "Computer" platform when available
(i.e. Chrome-OS or Windows OS), rather than a mobile device (Android or iOS)

Step 1: Launch desired movie on the 'PC' device, using the Chrome browser.

Step 2: Use the 'Cast...' option, in the upper-right menu (the 3 vertical dots),
in the Chrome-browser, to connect to the chromecast device on the TV.

Note: Instead, if you use a mobile device (Android or iOS) as 'Chromecast controller',
you'll may get less layout control (oh, and captions probably won't pass-thru to the TV)
cast icon Hope you enjoy your CHROMECAST-compatible device! cast icon