The 2 small pics above are from the movie: "Paul (2011)" (Paul is the alien's actual name).
Two earlier 'alien' movies here ('Close_Encounters...(1977)' and 'ET...(1982)') are alluded to in the movie, so consider watching them in historical order.
[ Each movie in this trio is better (imho) than its predecessor...and Paul has become my favorite movie among all of the other 90+ movies available here ]

On-Demand: "Sarasota Slim's" favorite movies

Most of the movies here have 'soft' captions/subtitles available, which can be enabled/disabled as desired

Geek alert: the video-files viewable here actually reside in a separate Google 'cloud-storage acct'.
[ If you're curious about details of that product, click on the Google Cloud Platform logo above. ]

New feature: You can search the soft captions of the selected movie for a word or phrase and,
if/when found, we will re-position the video to the place where that word or phrase appears.
[ e.g. Select the movie "No Country For Old Men", enter the search word "sixty-nine", then watch til the end of the scene ]
[ e.g. Select the movie "Paul", and search for the word "partake", and watch until they wake up the next morning.]
[ e.g. Select same movie...and search for the word "knocking", and watch up to the point when Paul exits the bathroom ]
[ e.g. Select "The Imitation Game" and search for (the 2nd occurrence of) the word "crossword", then watch until the 32:25 mark ]


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You can use the FULL-SCREEN button at the far right end of
the control-bar. The 'Esc' key returns the window to normal size.

Open-source: This app is implemented in a single HTML-file, so it can more easily be examined by others.

[ i.e. the HTML, JS, and CSS written by me are all together in a single HTML file, whenever possible. ]

cast icon This web-app page can operate in conjunction with CHROMECAST devices cast icon
So, if you have Wi-Fi, consider buying a Google 'Chromecast' device (aka: an 'HDMI-dongle') ,
available from the Google Store or, etc.

Using an actual CHROMECAST device is NOT the ONLY way to mirror a phone or tablet onto a TV.
Other, devices, such as a "Roku", or an "Amazon-Fire-TV", or an "Apple-TV" will also work. But, if you
have an Android-based phone or want ot use an actual PC (Windows or Linux phone or tablet, then
Chromecast is the simplest way to go. For prices and info for using any of these various devices, click here

The goal of using any of these devices is to project movies/music onto your TV, rather than viewing
them on the much smaller screens of a smartphone or a tablet.
Before first use of a Chromecast-device in a given household, you must first 'authorize' it to access
your house's wifi-network, by providing it your wifi's signal name and password.
One other name that you may be asked to supply during Chromecast-device setup is a name
you invent, to distinguish it from other 'castable devices' that might already be visible on
your wifi-network, such as a second Chromecast-device, or one of the industry's intelligent
microphone/speaker devices, such as 'Google's "Home" or Amazon's "Alexa", or Apple's "Siri".
Hint: Music-videos (e.g. on YouTube or elsewhere) or the audio portion a movie, etc,
can also be casted onto your TV using a 'Chromecast' device.

To initiate a 'casting' session, you can use a PC or any of the various 'mobile-devices', to
act as the 'remote controller' from which the video is being casted. Here is Google's
documentation for "tab-casting"
from any of 3 platform categories: "Computer" or "Android" or "iPhone & iPad".
[ For finer control of TV-screen layout, use a "Computer" platform when available
(i.e. Chrome OS or Windows OS or MacOS), rather than a mobile device (Android or iOS) ]

Step 1: On PC or Android or iOS device: Launch the desired movie, using Chrome browser.

Step 2: (On a PC device): Use the 'Cast...' option, in the upper-right menu ( 3 vertical dots ),
in the Chrome-browser, to connect to the chromecast device on the TV.
Step 2: (On Android or iOS device): Chrome browser has a builtin on-screen "cast-button". So when
you touch / tap in the viewer area, a button with the image: cast icon on it
will appear in the viewer window. Tapping on that will allow you to choose which
Chromecast device (or other "cast-targetable" device within wifi-range) that you want to use.

Note: When using a PC or mobile device as 'Chromecast controller',
users typically use the full-screen button on the viewer, to fill the entire TV-screen. This is fine,
if you don't care about subtitles. But going full-screen will prevent the subtitles from passing thru
onto the TV. This is because the default setting for casting is to "optimize full-screen videos", which causes
the controller to switch from "mirroring" to "media casting" mode, preventing the subtitles from passing
through to the TV. To prevent that, just un-check that option, by right-clicking on the "Cast..." option.

[ Note: However, mobile-devices don't explicitly allow such disabling, so you must 'trick' the browser
into disabling "media casting" mode changing, by enlarging/stretching the browser''s viewer so that
it ALMOST fills the TV-screen....i.e. use either "ctrl_+" / "ctrl_-" keyboard keys on a PC.
On touch-screen mobile-devices, you can use the two-fingered "touch-and-spread-apart" gesture. ]
cast icon Enjoy this TV-viewing experience! cast icon

Geek-alert: Thumbnail implementation: We use video-sprite based thumbnails See detailed-info here

The video files are MP4 files (video-codec=H.264 and audio-codec=MP3)
Viewing of MP4 video files works fine in all major browsers...e.g. Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge, etc

The soft captions/subtitles used here are VTT (text) files, which were converted from SRT (text) files
If you're involved in your own Internet video-production ::
There's a free SRT->VTT converter avail at:
SRT files (in various languages) are available at "" and ""
If you have need to shift all SRT subtitles earlier or later, etc,etc, find the (free) software: "SE" (Subtitle Edit)