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On-Demand: "Sarasota Slim's favorite Taxi episodes"

[ Many, but not all, episodes have 'soft' captions / subtitles that can be enabled/disabled ]

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Geek alert...the video-files viewable here actually reside in a separate Google cloud-storage acct.
[ For details about that product, click on the Google Cloud Platform logo above. ]

Geek alert: We're using a video-player framework (avail at "").
[ This framework produces the same tailorable media-player in all browsers. ]


(1) Select name of desired episode :
(Optional): Browse the chosen episode's details at
(2) Click the START->arrowhead
   (3) Enable the captions if desired  

Note: You can use the button at far right, for FULL-SCREEN viewing. (Hit 'Esc' key to return to normal size.)
Note: At any time, you should be able to drag the time-slider to re-position to any desired time-position.

cast icon This web-app page can operate in conjunction with CHROMECAST-compatible devices cast icon
So, if you have Wi-Fi, consider buying a Google 'Chromecast' HDMI-dongle
(available at the Google Store or, etc.)
Then, you could simply "tab-cast" this video onto your TV, rather than viewing on a PC or tablet.
Here are Google's methods for"tab-casting" from each of 3 platform categories
("Computer", "Android", "iPhone/iPad")
Hint: For finer-control of TV-screen layout, first try a "Computer" platform
(Chrome-OS or Windows OS), rather than a mobile device (Android or iOS)

Step 1: Launch desired movie on the 'PC' device. Select the 'full-screen' control.

Step 2: Use the 'Cast to ...' option, in the upper-right menu, in Chrome-browser,
to connect to the chromecast device.

Note: Instead, if you use a mobile device (Android or iOS) as 'Chromecast controller',
you'll get less layout control (and captions will probably not pass-thru to TV)
This content should be viewable in all major browsers...i.e. Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Edge/IE

The soft captions/subtitles used here are VTT (text) files, which were converted from SRT (text) files.
[ There's a free SRT->VTT converter avail at: ]
SRT files (in many various languages) are available at "".

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